How to Differentiate Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

Ever woken up with an insect bite and wondered which particular insect was the culprit? Some of the most common insect bites reported in the world include mosquitoes bites and bed bugs bites. Both mosquitoes and bed bugs are insects but one of the distinct features that differentiate them is the fact that mosquitoes have wings whereas bed bugs do not have wings. On the other hand, mosquitoes bites are known worldwide as the main cause of the disease known as malaria whereas bed bug bites though internally carrying disease causing organisms do not transmit diseases through their bite.

Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

So how does one differentiate bugs bites vs. mosquito bites? For both mosquitoes and bed bugs, the person bitten generally feels itchy on the part of the body where they have been bitten. Furthermore, both the bites can result in blister formation in serious cases and for mosquito bites allergic reaction can occur which sometimes can be fatal. The mosquito bite can cause a piercing feeling due to its proboscis which is basically the mouth part through which it sucks blood from humans since this mouth part consists of sharp knife like parts and serrated cutters.

The mosquito’s mouth consists of a section that produces a substance that allows the mosquito to make the human’s blood continuously flow without getting clots which is a characteristic that causes them to be clearly distinguished from bed bug in terms of bite manifestation because bed bugs lack the substance that prevents human blood from clotting therefore bites from bed bugs will be characterized by blood clots on the skin which are small in size.

Mosquito bites can also occur during the day unlike bed bug bites which generally occur during the night since the bed bugs are generally nocturnal animals and more importantly unlike mosquitoes they do not have wings and are therefore unable to cover long distances at any one time and are unlikely to bite during the day since the occupier of the bed will have left. Mosquitoes on the other hand are able to cover miles in terms of distance since they are winged and can feed even during the day though most of their bites occur during the night.

Mosquito bites are also generally seen on exposed areas of the body since mosquitoes do not hide within fabrics unlike the bed bugs which can bite even under clothed areas since they prefer to live in dark concealed areas. Moreover, mosquito bites control is easier when a mosquito net is used because the bites are greatly reduced if not completely eradicated at least at night whereas for bed bugs unless the bed bugs are completely eradicated through chemical treatments on the affected areas the bites will still continue.

Obvious Way to Distinguish Bed Bug Bites

An obvious way to distinguish bed bug bites vs. mosquito bites is to ask oneself whether they heard the ringing sound the mosquito makes while flying because of their fast movement of their wings as they try to get to their source of blood unlike the bed bugs which do not make any sound when moving around.