Bed Bug Disease

Is Bed Bug Disease Real?

Bed Bug Disease

Bed Bug Disease

It is not known whether bed bugs could give you an infection because there is no established bed
bug disease. However, the red blobs of blood are not the best fellows to have around on your
person because they can give you an itchy bite. Again, they really bleed quickly and therefore if
you thought that they are not important because they cause no disease, know that they can cause
you a lot of shame because they emerge from the seams at the most inconspicuous moments.
Many people do not know about bed bugs and therefore if they bring a few eggs home from the
hotel, which then hatch, they are afraid of severe infections. If you have what you think are bed
bugs but are not sure, find a pest control specialist to advise you further.

Bed Bug Disease – What Do Bed Bugs Carry?

There are more than 30 pathogens that have been discovered in bed bugs, but luckily, it seem
that even when it bites and sucks blood, the bed bug does not pass the pathogens to the person.
As such, apart from the itching and the bite marks, it seems there is no one bed bug disease
anywhere. Note that the bites should not be ignored because their severity differs from one
person to another. In one person, the bites may be just mildly itchy or achy, while in other
people, they could cause a severe rash. It is thus very important that you see a doctor so that you
can be treated.

Taking care of the bed bug rash or bites is not enough because the bug will bite you again.
Therefore, it is very important that you confirm whether you really have bed bugs. Visit a pest
control specialist in your area so that they can send a technician to your house to help identify
whether you have bed bugs. Even though they do not cause any disease, nobody really wants
to have them a round where they do not belong. Again, if they bite children, they will cause
discomfiture and irritation in the skin. The bite spots could also be used as entry points by other
germs and bacteria. It is important that you get help fast. Though there is no bed bug disease,
chances are that there will be a disease caused by bed bugs indirectly. Do not wait around, but
have a technician identify whether you have bed bugs. The bites alone are not enough for the
doctor to tell whether you really have bed bugs. You need more.

Bed Bug Disease – Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites will appear in rows of 4 or 5 spots. It seems like the little buggers want to suck
blood as much as they can and in the shortest time possible. It is a very good thing that they do
not cause any bed bug disease, otherwise most people would get sick quite often. If you have
bed bugs at home, don’t think that you are dirty, because most likely, you collected the eggs
from elsewhere and brought them home unknowingly. In most cases, you get bed bugs from
establishment like hotels where beddings are used by many people.