How to Identify Bed Bug Feces

Bed Bug Feces

Bed Bug Feces and Eggs

Bed Bug Feces and Eggs

Sometimes, you may find it hard to know whether you have bed bugs but there are always tell
tale signs indicating the same. One of the indicators of an infestation of bedbugs in your home
is the bed bug feces. However, this alone is not enough and in any case. If you have never seen
it before, how will you know that the red spots on your white nightdress or bed sheets are feces
from the bed bugs? Therefore, if you suspect that you have an infestation of bed bugs, please
vary out a thorough search for more indications so that you can get rid of them early enough.

What Does Bed Bug Feces Look Like?

It is not easy to tell whether you have bed bugs just by their fecal matter. After all, the feces are
not red in color although they are made of undigested blood but they have black spots. Even if
you go to a pest control specialist with what you think are fecal matter from bedbugs, the truth
is that there may not be a diagnosis because that alone is not enough. What is needed is a dead
or live bedbug, but again, the problem may be that you do not know what one looks like. The
answer therefore is to look for much more than fecal matter if you want to establish whether you
really have bed bugs.

Cleaning Up Bed Bug Feces

Bed bug feces are actually stains and therefore you will need ample information about how to
get rid of them. Luckily, this information is available on this site for you. It does not take any
special detergent or cleaning agent to get rid of bed bug feces but you can just use any. However,
since the feces will be made of undigested blood, it is only proper that you treat it like blood, get
rid of it in cold water first and after all the fecal strains are gone, wash in hot water so that the
bedbug eggs can die if there are any. However, know that this is not going to get rid of all the
eggs because what you find there could be just a small portion.

Rubbing the bed bug feces will not take it off and you could make the situation worse if you use
a wet rag to try to get it off. A wet sponge is going to cause even bigger smears and you know
what this could mean if the area is white. Another thing that you have to know about bed bugs
is that you will find their fecal matter where the bugs infest. Very likely, that will also be their
bleeding ground.

If the bedbugs have infested your person, you will find bed bug feces in the seams of your
clothes. However, this will be on the inside because bedbugs hate light. If you see such and you
are not sure what caused it, it is most likely bed bug feces. A bedbug is best described as a blob
of blood when it is fed and then it is red in color, with fresh blood of course. However, when it
hasn’t fed, it is usually olive.