Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings

Ever wondered –  Do bed bugs have wings?

The amazing fact is that they do not and this is due to their not developing wings during any stage of their life cycle and can therefore be referred to as wingless insects. They do have the main characteristics of insects as seen with the presence of their six legs and go through the whole classic cycle of the insects in terms of their development which basically involves the stages of egg, larvae and adult.

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings – Egg Stage

During the bed bug egg stage, the egg measures about 1mm in length and are usually found in dark areas including on fabrics particularly at their seams and their shape which is flat in nature helps them achieve this. In the beginning the eggs are white in color with spot development occurring on them with time particularly red in color. Following this stage the egg goes through the larva stage which is sub – divided into five stages. The larval stage of insect development is sometimes referred to as the nymph stage. The larva stage is the stage whereby winged insects usually develop their wings unlike the bed bugs which answers the commonly asked question:  ‘do bed bugs have wings?

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings – Larval Stage

During the larval stages of the bed bug development it increases in size from the egg stage size of approximately 1 mm to about five times its initial size sometimes reaching a length size of 4.5 mm. In each of these larval stages the bed bug increases in size by about 0.5 mm each particularly in the first four larval stages with an increase of almost 3 times this gradual increment occurring in the last larval stage which is about 1.5 mm in length increase.
During this stage, it moves from one sub – stage to another via a process known as molting which occurs only after a blood meal meaning that without the source of blood, the bed bug cannot develop from one stage to another therefore cutting short its life cycle. On the other hand, the less the blood source available the longer its life span with the well fed bed bug living for a shorter period than the hungry bed bug by a period of about six to twelve months since a bed bug can stay without food for this period of time without dying.

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings – Molting

Molting is basically the process by which the bed bugs shed their outer covering which is usually tough therefore allowing them to increase in size. When bed bugs are in the larval stage they are similar in look as the adults only that they are smaller in size. The bed bugs in adult stage have an oval shape and are flat. Their lack of wing development during their larval stage means they cannot move via the process of flying but instead move on surfaces using their six legs.

An adult bed bug usually takes on a brown color which grows deeper as it passes through the different sub – stages of its larval development.

So now if any ever asks you  - Do Bed Bugs have Wings? – Now you will know the answer.