Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

If you think that you have unwanted visitors at home, then no worry at all because it will be
easy to get rid of them. Does alcohol kill bed bug? That will be one of the questions that you
will want to think about before you get rid of them. Once you have identified them, then it is not
important to wonder where you got them. The important thing to do is to embark on getting rid
of them fast. This should be easy for you. But first you have to be well armed with information,
and that is why you are reading this. Many people have at one time or another been infested by
bed bugs and therefore you are not a lone in your quest.

Bed bugs are as old as humanity and therefore they are not a new phenomenon. They feed on
human blood mostly and therefore it makes sense to assume that wherever there is food, there
you will find the pest. That is why there is an old solution that has been used over a long time to
get rid of bed bugs, and luckily, it really works.

Of course, you could always go for a solution from the pest control specialist, but know that it
will cost you a substantial sum of money. With the economy what it is now, you will want to
save money wherever you can and that is why you must find an alternative. However, note that
you will need a technician to help you identify whether you really have the bugs. They use bug
sniffing dogs, magnifying glasses and a myriad of other methods.

After that, you can use alcohol. Just rub it all over the surfaces and this should really not cost
you much. If you find that one a little crude, you can mix the alcohol with water and then it be
sprayed all over with an aerosol sprayer. This should do a fast and a very clean job. The good
thing is that spraying alcohol will also take care of the eggs, which look like miniature rice
grains. This takes care of the chance that there may be eggs hatching into bugs in future.

How Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

Does alcohol kill bed bugs? The answer is yes, it does, but like any other solution even from

the pest control specialist, it is not the final solution. You will need to do much more than use
alcohol on the bed bugs to make sure that they never come back again for good. This should
be easy buy you will have to spend some money to ensure this. For example, you need to get
a zipped bed bug proof cover for your bed. This will make sure that the bugs never come back
again. You should keep your bedding this way for at least one year to be sure that the bugs never
come back again.

For a few weeks, you need to continue spraying the bed again to make sure that it is all clear and
sprayed through.