Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

So Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where do bed bugs come from? If you have just seen a bed bug for the first time and it has sucked blood from you, you will wonder about where you got them. It is hard to pinpoint any one place and confidently say that bed bugs come from there. However, if you could have some handy information about where an infestation of bed bugs is most likely to come from, then you could be extra vigilant so that you can spot signs of an infestation early enough and put it under control. Usually, bed bugs will be found wherever there is a source of food. Anyone can be infected, even those with the cleanest homes.


Where Do Bed Bugs Come From – Habitat

Bed bugs do not just happen to be at a certain place but they occur because there is food and good habitation for them. In fact, they are no different from many other pests that feed on human blood and they should be looked upon as such. They are more likely to be found in institutions or establishments where people share beddings. For example, it is easy to find them in prisons, hospitals and hotels. Note that even the real high-end hotels do have bed bug infestation. It is thus very important that you be on the look out for bed bugs if you have been to such places. Remember that you do not necessarily need to carry home a real bed bug, but even a couple of eggs would be serious. Such would be hard to notice especially if you do not know what to look for.


So where do bed bugs come from? This should now be easy to answer once you know that wherever there are human beings, and that is every where, then there you are most likely to find bugs. It is thus very important that you find out more about them. They will latch onto beddings and other furniture and sometimes it can be very hard to spot them. So you cannot just walk into a hotel and look for bed bugs. Most people realize that they have an infestation when they notice bite marks on their skin. This ability to conceal themselves makes the bed bugs very unwelcome stowaways when you have been to a guesthouse or a hotel. In fact, you could even pick them from public transport means like buses. Seemingly, bugs are everywhere and therefore if you notice signs of them at home, do not wonder where you got them from. Think about how to get rid of them.


Where Do Bed Bugs Come From – Predators

Bed bugs will follow you because they are predators and you are the prey. So moving from the bed to the sofa will not help at all. If you really have them, it is important that you think about permanent means of pest control. For example, you could always buy a bed bug mattress cover. If not, get help from a pest control specialist. Though that will be expensive, it always works. If you are wondering where do bed bugs come from, just know that they come from just anywhere, any place where you find people.